How Lucky Is That – Or Do I Have 9 Lives?

Well sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have. I am feeling a bit sorry for myself having fallen on some steps and not only knocked myself unconscious but I have discovered I have a spinal fracture. My biggest problem I cannot sleep. However I have all my faculties and can walk, be it slowly right now.

This takes me back to 1940 when I was born 3 months early, the weight of a bag of sugar, and discarded on the floor as dead. Later apparently a nurse picked me up, presumably to dispose of me but blew in my face and I started breathing. How lucky is that, certainly a narrow escape! Well despite no incubators; a hot water bottle and a light bulb kept me warm and I thrived!

I have so far had an interesting and varied life, bringing into the world 3 healthy youngsters who are all doing well and have families of their own. I spent my working life nursing, teaching and later enjoyed selling a selection of commodities for 40 years, so much so I only retired last year. Now internet marketing is my passion.

I now have a small internet business, which isn’t getting too much attention right now, but is a great interest which I love working on. Usually I am fortunate to have excellent health, a loving partner and family. We spend summers in the English countryside and winters in the warmth of Spain.

It was in Spain I fractured my Patella (knee-cap) last year, does that count as another life? Not yet speaking Spanish, conversations with the doctor was via a computer and “translate”. However the medical treatment in Spain was first class.

My internet business is growing and it offers time and location freedom, despite being temporarily incapacitated I can still work it. It gives me an interest whilst my sporty partner follows his hobbies and extra cash is always useful!

If time and location freedom is what you hanker after, so that you can work around family commitments, hobbies or other interests, begin now and build your dream with a laptop internet connection and affiliate marketing.

To make your introduction into the on-line world as simple as possible and low risk begin with the guidance of a coach and mentor, working in your spare-time, perhaps a bit less TV! Enjoy the help and comradeship of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs whilst you grow your business.

With the guidance of a mentor providing a range of excellent products for your customers, together with sales pages, advice, training and marketing tools you can begin earning commissions whilst you are learning the techniques.

I am so pleased I started my online business which I can work despite any temporary calamities, with time and location freedom I can work anywhere, whatever hours are available and grow my business to a size that suits me and my expectations. There are many part-time mum’s, full-time super affiliates and many millionaires. Where do your dreams lie? So whatever temporary disasters befall you turn it into a benefit.

Do I have 9 lives or am I just accident prone at the moment – I did break a mirror last year, it’s a good job I’m not superstitious! One advantage of my current mishap I have plenty of time to catch-up on my reading and only another 3 weeks until it is completely healed and life can return to normal.